We know LGBTQ+ identity is an advantage for their career advancement — and it’s time we show the world.

99.983% of people in advertising self-identified as heterosexual/straight in a recent 4A’s survey. If true, that would mean 46 U.S. people in advertising are LGBTQ+. We know that isn’t true. These results really show an industry culture where LGBTQ+ people don’t feel comfortable being themselves.

Chosen Family partner DNA is committed to making our differences the difference in advertising — powering our resources here, for advancing workplace inclusion.

Come out to work

With so many nonstop problems challenging our community, there’s seldom a space for young talent to explore a very simple idea: how their LGBTQ+ identity is an advantage for their career advancement. And it can be. Yet the business of ideas, not actively creating workplaces that source new viewpoints, leaves money on the table.

The space for change starts in conversation and relationships, and so COME OUT TO WORK is a solution — a publishing conversation powered by DNA. The discussion highlights how leaders can create safe, open and welcoming workplaces and culture — so LGBTQ+ people can unleash their full creative expression.

Project 47 is an inclusion network inspired by Come Out to Work. The network connects agency leader mentors with LGBTQ+ mentees to build the support and workspaces that elevate queer perspective as a career and business advantage.

The Project 47 Pledge is a simple action which asks agency leaders to sign a pledge stating their commitment to mentoring one LGBTQ+ employee for one hour each month for one year. We figured, based on the 4A’s data: if we can prove there are 47 LGBTQ+ people in this business, because we’ve made them feel welcome enough to come out, then we’ll factually know this industry needs to make much more progress towards inclusion. If we could incentivize 47 LGBTQ+ people to say “I’m here, and want support,” we’d have proven a truth and a need.

Take the pledge

To foster a culture of inclusiveness for LGBTQ+ employees, I pledge to MENTOR ONE LGBTQ+ EMPLOYEE FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR PER MONTH FOR ONE YEAR to provide mentoring conversations about how they can advance in the industry.


    The mission of Come Out to Work is to foster a more safe, open and welcoming workplace culture for LGBTQ+ talent in the marketing and advertising industry.

    Legal and conservative opposition against our right to exist spurs more suppression and distraction, but the same climate also spurs activism through identification and storytelling. Here are some resources that will help you push forward in supporting this mission and recreate the workplace.